Sergeant Moray Innes, to give him his full title, is currently serving in the British Army as a saxophonist and singer. Moray played in many groups in the 80’s and early 90’s but decided on a different career path in 1992 joining the British Army.  He travels all over the world while serving, and it was while based in Hong Kong and while rehearsing with the Army Big Band, he discovered his undoubted talent as a Sinatra tribute. Moray has performed as Sinatra, both on military and civilian platforms, home and abroad and has played for the Royal Family on many occasions.  In 2003, he saw active service in the second Gulf conflict where he also appeared as Sinatra in the desert to entertain the troops! Moray has performed sold out concerts at the Jam House, Edinburgh with his Big Band, fronting his 2 hour Salute to Sinatra Show.  Moray is delighted to be back playing Frank Sinatra in Sinatra The Final Curtain and is very grateful to the British Army, as are Kingdom Theatre, for granting him permission to appear during Edinburgh Fringe 2014